10 New York Discount Retailers That Will Inspire You


The dream of every retailer is to have a successful and profitable retail business. Retail operators spend countless hours and money obtaining the best wholesale merchandise, while constantly working to attract shoppers.

Sometimes it can be easy to become discouraged.

So for inspiration I would like to share with you 10 discount retailers that have managed to succeed in New York, which is easily one of the most competitive shopping destinations.

-Century 21

This discount store is synonymous with- “New York Best Kept Secret” although it has already been discovered. This is witnessed by the many shoppers who flood the store in search of their best deals. Great discount offers are available through the maze of departmental stores that are set up. A hint is that early morning and mid-afternoon tend to have less traffic. The location of this supplier is 22 Cortland St, between Church Street and Broadway, and in addition to their original location, the suppliers have locations close to Lincoln Center, in Queens and in Brooklyn.

-TJ Maxx and Marshalls

The accessibility of this supplier is quite good as it has many locations around Manhattan to the outer boroughs. This supplier also provides convenient locations for clients on their website such as Brooklyn, Chelsea, Midtown, the Upper West Side, Downtown, the Financial District and Harlem.

Shoppers are thus able to search through the store to find the best deals at high discounts for shoes, accessories and mid-range designer clothing.

-Orchard Corset Discount Center

This store specializes in Bra sizing and custom-made corsets to be worn when outdoors or under a wedding gown.

Orchard Corset is the Number one ranked off-the-rack corset seller in America coupled with the reason for having the best customer care and size fitting experts there is in the world. It is located at 157 Orchard St., New York, near Stanton St.

-Gabay’s Outlet

Located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, this discount store sells designer overstock from the top/ best stores, including Henri Bendel and Bergdorf Goodman at 80% and 50% off the original price. The merchandise includes shoes, handbags, eveningwear, and casual clothing to suits, lingerie, outerwear, and swimwear.

-The Woodbury Premium Commons outlet Mall

The Woodbury Commons outlet is a short distance from New York City CBD which is accessible by driving a personal car or the available buses that freight people to the locality. There are numerous shopping opportunities to choose from once the shopper arrives. This mall consists of over 200 stores with everything ranging from women fashion, men and children, perfume, shoes and accessories and much more. There are also plenty of dining options available and the shopper can take advantage to rest as you continue with the shopping.

-Nordstrom Rack

This discount store is the subsidized-prices branch of the Nordstrom store and thus offers designer clothing at great discounts. The store contains a wide range of merchandise including shoes, accessories, as well as handbags and clothing; which is for both adults and children. They are located at two locations convenient for shoppers, one in Union Square and the other in Downtown Brooklyn.

-Best Buy Fifth Avenue

It’s located in Midtown Manhattan, Fifth Avenue, and Times Square and offers special deals for shoppers from their great selection of electronics, digital cameras, computers and much more.

-K. K. Discount Store

Located at 78 Mulberry Street New York, NY 10013, it is typically an Asian friendly store offering a range of deep discounted merchandise and accessories. It was awarded the 2016 Best Manhattan Award, a testimony of its successful operations and customer’s satisfaction.

- Overstockjeweler

This is a great source for fashion and custom jewellery as it has the wide range of selection in regards to shoppers’ jewellery needs, as well as other accessories.

It is located on 1328 Broadway, New York City.

-BIS Designer Resale

Shoppers who know about this store love it because of its unique arrangement of re-selling and the assortments of items available for purchase at greatly discounted prices. The assortment includes luxury bags, sweaters, statement pieces, authentic pieces and much more. Their location is 1134 Madison Avenue, between 84th and 85th Street, New York.