10 Men's Clothing Wholesalers In The USA


Whole selling refers to selling of products mainly from the manufactures to the retailers or other whole sellers. Products or merchandise sold from the whole sellers are mainly in bulk. The whole sale business is one of the businesses that require very huge amount of capital to start this is because, they usually require huge amount of space depending on the type of product, a lot of human resource also depending of the product sold and also distribution vehicles or instruments.Whole sale business is in transition in a better way this is because majority of the whole sellers are ready to adopt new ideas that is customer-centered. 

According to Deloitte the whole sale business in the year 2018 will be on a rise, this will be due to a number of factors like; consumers will spend more confident throughout the year 2018, which is actually a boost in the whole sale business. This is in the sense that there will be a higher demand of goods this year making the whole sellers in a better position of making high profits compared to other years. Also the market growth is projected to grow at a rate of 3.2 to 3.4 percent, which is also good news to the players in the whole sale business. Another thing that will make the whole sale business grow this year is that, there will be an economic growth this year; this will be by 2.0 to 2.5 percent. This is due to factors like reduction in unemployment rate, high income level among the consumers and also low inflation. This makes the consumers have a lot of money in their pockets thus high demand of goods from the retailers who mainly get their goods from the whole sellers.

Just like any other business, the whole sale business also has new trends. These trends include; e-procurement, which makes the whole sellers to be near the manufactures. Business partnerships that are inventive, this trend makes the consumers to feel that they are in control, which will make the players in the whole sale business to make higher revenues from their business. Increase in internet connectivity which makes the retailers and consumers to see the inventory available and reserve those products for purchase. And also the digital supply and demand, this reduces the time frame required by the whole sellers to deliver goods to maybe the consumers or retailers, it also reduces the cost incurred by the consumer and retailers. 

Whole sale includes a wide variety of products and services that a whole seller could engage in. But in this case we shall look at 10 wholesalers of men's clothing in the USA. There are varieties of them located
in different places within the country. They include;

-7Day Mens Wear. It is located in Los Angeles, CA 90025. They offer services in; suits, top
quality shirts, tuxedos and many more. They also have an online store where they sale belts,
wallets and different types of necktie. Their official link is http://www.suitusa.com.
-Margaritaville Apparel Group. They are located in 911 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90015.They sell; polos, men's shoes, under wears, shirts-bottom front, t-shirts, accessories, shoes and shorts. 
- Mens Town Inc. located in Los Angeles. Their product and service is sportswear.
- Trans Am Whole sale located in El Paso, Texas United States,they sell quality men jeans
and they only get their products directly from the manufactures.
-Volume Apparel, located in Stoughton, Massachusetts United States. They sell variety of men
cloths and they also do delivery services.They sell; Briefcases, men's belt, men's wallet, underwear, sweatshirts and other accessories.
- Buck Wear, it is located in Baltimore, Maryland United States.They sale men's clothing, men's footwear, men's adaptive like underwear and socks, sweatsuits, sleepwear and jumpsuits. 
- Seven Seas Inc. it is located in Los Angeles, California United States.They sell; men's top, men's bottom, men's outwear, men's set and men's socks.
- Discount Bulk T-Shirts, located in Atlanta, Georgia United States. They mainly sale T-shirts ranging from; cotton t-shirts, pocket t-shirt and other variety of men t-shirts.
-ErosWholesale.com, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States. This is an online clothing company. They sell; men's socks, swimwear, work gloves and industrial and all other men's wear.
- Nimitz Trading located in VISTA, California United States.They manufacture and sell men suits.