10 Handbag Factories In China


The wholesale handbag market is split into two major segments, you have the designer and brand name labels in one segment, and in the other segment you have the fashion and private labels.

China is well known globally for their fashion products, although I would recommend focusing on fashion and private label merchandise when importing from Asia.

 Below is a list of handbag manufacturers that are set up to supply bags to retailers and wholesalers.

1. Shenzhen Bst Leather Co. Ltd
As that name suggests, the company produces leather handbags for women. They are able to make elegant fashion party bags, clutch bags, evening bags and ladies purse designer. An example of their work is the Spot Leather Platinum Pack handbag which is medium soft and has that European Style.

2. MHBY Import & Export (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd
This company focuses on producing genuine Leather and PU handbags. Also upon customers wishes, they can choose materials as per their requirement. This company can also stamp, engrave, or laser a customers logo to their backpack bags. An example of their product includes the Tote Bag Fashion Ladies Handbag with a crocodile grain fashion element.

3. Nigbo Yinzhou Boda Bag Co. Ltd
An example of this company work includes the Repica Designer Office Lady Handbag for women. Their product is meant for daily or party purposes. The manufacturers mode of production is by sewing.

4. Dongguan HF Bags & Luggage Co. Ltd
This company makes all sorts of bags including hand, sports, cosmetics, school, lunch, traveler, backpacks, camera, laptop bags etc. The material they use ranges from Leather, Nylon, silicone, neoprene etc. They have been in this industry for more than ten years making these products. An example of their work includes the Neoprene Big Handbag Bag Tote Bag Shoulder Bag for female which is water and shockproof. This Bag has an European style and the inside material is from fabric.

5. Guangzhou Shenmao Leather Co. Ltd
This factory which is located in Guangzhou claims to have cooperation with a lot of export and import trading companies. They can also deliver goods as per the customers requirements. An example of their elegant work includes the 2016 Ladies Tote Handbag KK2021 all season Bag for women. It adds that classic fashion element which trends and the inside material is made of polyester.

6. Guangzhou Red Swan Leather Product Co. Ltd
Now this factory makes various products including handbags, leather, canvas, clutch, man bags etc. The company can also customize a customers logo to their product upon inquiry. One of their products includes the Fashion Designer Canvas Handbag Genuine Leather Fashion Designer (RS-880) which is a business bag for men. The Bag can be used in any season. The inside material is made up of cotton.

7. Shenzhen Unaisi Leather Goods Co. Ltd
This factory offers personalized and proffesional services to its customers. One of their unique products includes the Fashion PU Leather Handbag with Removable Shoulder Strap which has that European style. The inside material is made up of fabric and upon seeing it you can tell it is a stitched bag.

8. Mentor Industrial Limited
This factory is located in Guangzhou. They are able to supply all kinds of material handbags in a factory fair price. Their main markets include USA, Africa, South America, and Europe. The colourful PU Leather Cheap Lady Tote Handbag is one of their products. This Bag is waterproof, simple and the inside material is made up of fabric.

9. Guangzhou Hakeem Leather Co. Ltd
These factory products are customized to fit the customers liking. Their product includes the Ladies Computer Handbag Laptop Notebook Tote for 13, 14, and 15.6 inch laptops. This embraces that European style.

10. Idea Trade Fashion Ltd
This factory is located in Guangdong. Apart from handbags, they also specialize in fashion jewelries, shawls, scarves, hair accessories and belts. An example of their beautiful product is the Ladies Leisure Washed Jeans Handbag 2017 which is a canvas, leisure stitched bag.