10 Freight Forwarders That Ship To Guyana


If you're looking to grow your wholesale business internationally, you will likely need to use a freight forwarding company to handle the logistics of shipping goods to other countries. It can be tricky finding and deciding on a company to use for your needs. The following list provides information about 10 freight forwarders that ship to Guyana, and some details that will hopefully make your decision a bit easier.

LAPARKAN offers commercial shipping services throughout the Caribbean as well as to/from North America, Europe, China, India, and more. Its ocean rates are based on cubic volume, and its air rates are based on actual or volumetric weights. To learn more about the rates, get a quote, or look at LAPARKAN's shipping schedules, you can visit their website.

2. Nex Worldwide Express
Nex offers an extremely user-friendly website to help you quickly determine the rates and shipping time of your shipment, and easily track your orders. Nex's website touts benefits including free shipping supplies and free pick-ups for its members, and shipments can be made to/from most countries.

3. Caribbean Shipping Service
Caribbean Shipping Service offers shipping services to Guyana, as well as the United States and the rest of the Caribbean. The pricing scheme for this service is straightforward, with pre-determined prices based on sizes of shipping containers (they range from small sizes up to 77 gallons) plus the distance your shipment will travel. There are fees associated with pick-ups, which vary depending on your location.

4. C&V Caribbean Shipping, Ltd.
C&V Caribbean Shipping offers direct shipping from Jamaica and the United States to Guyana, with extended connections worldwide. C&V offers weekly courier service from the United States, weekly import/export services of worldwide sea freight, and twice weekly flights of air shipments. To find out about rates, you have to email them directly at the address listed on their website.

5. ShipAll
ShipAll states on its website that it can ship to any recognized port in the world. ShipAll offers a variety of shipping services, including cars, 20-40' containers, machinery, and boats. ShipAll's website also offers information on cargo insurance, U.S. customs declarations, helpful tips for international buyers, a blog with information about the shipping industry, and a Quote Wizard to assist with getting a quick estimate of the cost of your shipment.

6. Tennessee International Freight Inc.
Tennessee International Freight ships weekly to Guyana, as well as to other areas across the world. For shipping to Guyana, Tennessee International Freight offers straightforward pricing and shipping times on its website for barrels, jumbo barrels, and boxes. For a complete quote, you are required to call Tennessee International Freight directly at the phone number listed on their website.

7. Zip Logistics
Zip Logistics offers shipping to Guyana and across the globe. Zip Logistics' website makes it easy for the user to quickly calculate shipping costs and get a quote, and touts the fact that its users have access to 24 hour tracking information and 24/7 customer service. Zip Logistics also sells mailboxes at its U.S. Package Forwarding Facility for those outside of the U.S. that need to send or receive mail from a United States mailbox. Other services offered include repacking/inspection and cargo insurance.

8. A1 Freight Forwarding
A1 Freight Forwarding offers ocean and air shipping services to Georgetown, Guyana and ports across the world. A1 Freight Forwarding offers packing and crating services in addition to shipping. Prices for shipping to Guyana vary depending on a number of factors, therefore to get shipping quote, contact A1 Freight Forwarding directly via its website.

9. DJ Shipping Services
DJ Shipping Services offers shipping worldwide, but ships most quickly from its starting point in the UK to the Caribbean. Its Caribbean travel schedule is posted directly on the website, making it easy for users to estimate when their future shipment could arrive, based on when they ship it. Estimated shipping times to other countries around the world show transit times between 9-46 days, depending on the destination. To receive a quote, fill out a short form on their website.

10. Tudor International Freight, Ltd.
Tudor International Freight offers air shipping to Georgetown, Guyana, for a minimum charge plus an additional cost per kilogram and a flat handling and security charge. All of these rates are available on the Tudor International Freight website, where you can also quickly get a quote by using their 'Get a Quote' tool at the top of the homepage.

Deciding on a freight forwarding service can be a hassle, but this guide should make it a little less painful.