10 Freight Forwarders in New York That Will Ship to the Caribbean


Freight forwarders are the key for import and export businesses, and for small retailers and resellers, finding the best freight forwarders is the first step in the right direction. But it is easier said than done, as finding the perfect freight forwarders for your businesses is a challenging task. 

This challenge becomes more complicated when you need to ship your items to the Caribbean. But don’t worry because, in this article, we have gathered ten freight forwarders who can ship your good to the Caribbean without any hindrance and are located in New York 

What is Freight Forwarders? 

Now, before we go into the details of the freight forwarders who can ship to the Caribbean, let’s take a closer look at the term freight forwarders. As the name suggests, freight forwarders are forwarding agents who ship goods from one place to other. Freight forwarders can be single individual or can be an organization. In this article, all of the freight forwarders are organizations or companies. 

The 10 Best Freight Forwarders 

Business goes to freight forwards for importing or exporting goods, and for this good amount of trust and money is spend on the freight forwarders from the businessmen. So, it’s necessary that the freight service you are using our trusted and proven their worth. 

And when it comes to shipping to the Caribbean, this legitimacy and quality are more crucial. That’s why we’ve gathered the best freight forwarders in New York for you, as they can assure you that you will get the best service that is possible. So. Without further ado, let’s take a look at them, shall we? 

1. Road Flex Courier LLC 

Address: 2016 Linden Blvd, Elmont, NY 11003, United States 

Phone: +1 516-209-2768 

Road Flex Courier or more commonly known as RFC, is well known for its courier and shipping services. And if you are looking for a freight forwarder who can easily transport your items from New York to the Caribbean, then they are the perfect choice for you as they have their branch located in both spots. 

Their shipping service is exceptional and has a well-maintained team working 24/7 to ensure that the freights are delivered properly. Their storage system also makes use of the most updated technologies and machines. So, overall, they are the perfect choice for you if you want to transfer goods from New York to the Caribbean. 

2. Dapex Inc. 

If quality maintenance is one of your biggest concerns, then Dapex Inc. is the solution for you. Long freight like shipping products from New York to the Caribbean. What’s more, the company’s workflow uses advanced digital technologies meaning you can track and see where your items are all the time. 

It might come as a shock, but in total, Dapex has 12 branches all across the world. But that doesn’t mean they risk delivering your products as like affiliated marketing. They also use their personal affiliates to ensure that your products reach safely and perfectly Caribbean. 

3. RUBY Has 

Address: 5 Inez Dr, Bay Shore, NY 11706, United States 

Phone: +18886276963 

Founded in 2011, RUBY Has has become one of the most known freight forwarders in the last decade, and why not? They use excellent work ethics that helps them to reach new heights every time.  

Their storage units and transportation earn the green signals of many high-end companies, and their incredible feats during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic are admirable. They use the latest machines and tech to ensure that the customers get the best experience possible. 

Their service regarding long-term shipments like NYC to the Caribbean is great as they own the track record of having the highest 5-star reviews in google than any other freight forwarders with the same niche.   

4. NY International Shipping 

Address: 111 John St, New York, NY 10038, United States 

Phone: +1 212-267-7447 

NY International Shipping is a common name for businesses in New York as it is one of the most secured and customer-friendly services located in New York. They excel at international shipping and also have the option to deliver the goods once they reach their destination.  

What’s more, they offer 30-day free storage usage, which is a blessing because most of the time, companies need to pay for storage separately after the delivery is complete.  

5. Caribbean Cart Transport   

Just as the name suggests, this company solely focuses on shipping cars to the Caribbean, and the most exciting part of it is that they also take custom delivery orders which is very convenient for small-time businesses as this saves them the trouble of bothering their clients. 

And as the freight forwarders are only dealing with New York to the Caribbean, they take less time than other options that are available in the market.  

6. Blue Ocean Transport 

Another great option when it comes to shipping goods for New York to the Caribbean is Blue Ocean Transportation. With 25 years of experience in freight forwarding from New York to the Caribbean, it is safe to say that this freight forwarder knows what they are doing.  

They provide exceptional storage space and delivery service, and their pricing is quite budget-friendly compared to other freight forwarders with an equal amount of features.    

7. Citizens Global Cargo  

Ground, air, or sea Citizens Global Cargo is a master freight forwarder no matter the transportation method or the area of shipping. They are internationally recognized and deals with multiple international businesses shipment all the time. They use completely secured facilities to store your items, and their freights are internationally certified. 

They have branches in the Caribbean, also making it much easier for you to deal with your products. So, out-n-out, this makes Citizen Global Cargo a prime choice for your shipping services. 

8. Easy Ship  

If you want a standard shipping company to act as your freight forwarder, then Easy Ship is the best for shipping your containers to the Caribbean from New York. The most exciting part of Easy Ship is that they come to you, take the goods and deliver them to your desired location without bothering you in any way. 

They also provide real-time tracking, which is something that every business looks forward to when working with freight forwarders. And as their customer satisfaction rate is 100%, it makes them an easy choice for us to pick. 

9. Gander & White 

Now, if you are strict for security and experience, then there is no better option that comes in people’s minds regarding transportation than Gander & White. This freight forwarder has been transporting goods for over 85 years, and they deal with exclusive items more than any other shipment business in New York. 

So, if you want the best security with 85 years of experience, then there is no other option than Gander & White because their experience speaks for themselves.   

10. Fracht  

Address: 50 Broadway, Lynbrook, NY 11563, United States 

Phone: +1 516-599-0200 

If you are shipping large items from New York to the Caribbean, then there is only one option that stands out from the others, and that is Fracht. Fracht has been recognized by many as the company to turn to when you want to ship large goods internationally. And their special team of management always seems to impress customers of all sorts. 

So, if larger items are the goods you want to ship, then Fracht should be your first choice.  


Freight forwarders are crucial for a business to grow, and hopefully, if you want to make shipments to the Caribbean, then this article has definitely provided you with some of the best options in New York. So, it's time for you to make that first order to the Caribbean complete, and best of luck!