10 Freight Forwarders For Shipping To Haiti


Are you a retailer in Haiti that is looking to import wholesale merchandise from the USA?

Do you live in the United States and are looking to send products to Haiti that you purchased

from a New York closeout warehouse?

The following 10 freight forwarders can ship your wholesale purchases to Haiti on your behalf.

1. Competence Shipping and Services(CSS)
Based at Port-au-Prince, CSS is an international freight company that offers specialized freight forwarding and custom brokerage services. In addition, they can also help customers facilitate imports and exports, while also offering transport for dangerous and perishable goods. An excellent customer service is available and quick to address any issues that arise. Freight safety is a guaranteed perk with CSS as well.

2. Concorde Worldwide Movers
Whether it's packing, shipping or storage you are looking for, Concorde Worldwide Movers has it all. They are a freight forwarding company with a worldwide network that allows customers to ship from most countries to Haiti. Insurance is also provided for customers who wish to have that for their shipment.

3. ShipAll
ShipAll is a freight forwarding company headquartered in Florida, USA. The company is experienced in handling any type of freight, and ships to major ports in Haiti, including Port-au-Prince, Saint Marc, and Gonaives. 

4. A.I. Shipping International(AISI)
AISI is a versatile Haitian company that offers not only freight forwarding services but also does customs clearance. Based at Port-au-Prince, the company boasts a robust maritime coverage, and also ships to all major Haitian ports. Both Full Container Load(FCL)and Less than Container Load(LCL) freight services are offered.

5. NEX International Freight
Also an American company, NEX International Freight is your one-stop place for any type of shipment. Be it ground, air or ocean transportation, this reputable company guarantees reliable and safe freight forwarding to and from Haiti. An online service allows customers to prepare and track their shipments, schedule pick-ups, and even make payments at their own convenience.

6. A1 Freight Forwarding
With several years of experience, A1 Freight Forwarding provides shipping and logistics services to clients all over the world. Air, ocean and truck shipping services are available at friendly prices. Shipping with A1 is very easy thanks to a highly dedicated staff.

7. Crowley Maritime Corporation
Crowley has been in the business of shipping for over 60years, and has grown to become one of the best companies to ship to Haiti with from the US and other countries. It is ideal for small and medium-sized shipments such as furniture and home appliances.

8. Chatelain Cargo Services
Chatelain Cargo Services is a family business that excels at both cargo shipping and logistics solutions provision. Their elaborate worldwide connection makes it possible to ship from almost anywhere in the world to any of the major ports in Haiti.

9. Mediterranian Shipping Company(MSC)
MSC has a global maritime network and is situated at Port-au-Prince. In addition to road, air and sea transport, this company also offers rail freight services, which is an added advantage should you ship with them. An online tool is provided that gives information on sail dates and route information for ocean transport.

10. Haiti Shipping Lines(HSL)
With operations in over 80 cities in the US, HSL offers shipping services to Haiti from many ports in the world. Their network is further enhanced through an alliance with Hapag-Lloyd, another big player in the shipping industry.