10 Dollar Store Wholesale Sources In The USA


10 Dollar Store Wholesale Sources In The USA  

Dollar stores are widely known for their effectiveness in our lives, and if you are hoping to start on your own dollar store or just want to find dollar store wholesale sources in the USA are, then this information is for you. 

I have gathered 10-dollar store wholesaler sources who are located in the USA so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of searching and reviewing each & every dollar store in the United States. All of these sources are legitimate wholesalers who are known for their performance and quality.  

What is A Dollar Store? 

Now, before jumping into the details of the dollar stores, let’s take a quick peek at the definition of a dollar store. A dollar store is a general goods store that sells products under or equal to one dollar. As all the goods are under one dollar, you can expect that almost all of them are imported and that they are mostly imported from China. You can also find items such as private label closeouts from USA food manufacturers, to overstock and bankruptcy products from American retailers, wholesalers, brands, and manufacturers. 

Now, there are some dollar stores out there that have prices higher than one dollar, and that happens due to tax. But at that point, many critics don’t consider that a dollar store anymore, and that is understandable.  

Best Dollar Store Wholesalers in the USA 

Now, if you want to open a dollar store on your own, that is a key factor to remember. And if you want to open a dollar store, you need goods. Now they can be obtained from garage sales and whatnot, but the most prominent way to get products for your dollar store should be from dollar store wholesalers. Here are the best wholesalers you will find in the USA:  

1. Dollar Store Wholesale 

One of the best wholesalers when it comes to dollar stores, the Dollar Store Wholesale supplies legitimate products with guarantee along with the option to give beginners guidance and teaching if they are interested in starting their own dollar store.  

Not only that, but also one of the most prominent features of Dollar Store Wholesale is the fact that they always have the products ready for shipping, a quality that many dollar store wholesalers can’t seem to provide. 

What’s more, their business policy and delivery system is fast-paced and comes with real-time tracking so that you can easily know where your products are and when they will arrive, which is a great concept that will save your time and help you to plan ahead.  

So, suppose you are looking for dollar store wholesalers who will provide you with a multitude of options & categories along with fast-paced delivery and first-hand training. In that case, the Dollar Store Wholesale is the wholesaler you have been looking for. 

2. Bargain Wholesale 

There is no other dollar store wholesaler for departmental products and supplies that is as good as Bargain Wholesale. The most interesting part of Bargain Wholesale is that they offer everything under one dollar with taxes included. But you do need to order in bulk if you want to have the best deal possible. 

Another great thing about Bargain Wholesale’s dollar store portion is the fact that they offer free membership on their website, which allows you to have the option to use discounts that bargain wholesale gives off from time to time. These discounts offer great deals if you can utilize them properly. 

3. Via Trading   

The complexity of Via Trading and their huge website might at first throw you off guard. As for the first impression, what you think of is that this isn’t a dollar store retailer or wholesaler. But there is a pre-worn product section that provides high-quality clothing items that you can opt for free. Along with that, Via Trading also offers supplies of which’s single product costs under one dollar. 

4. Pride Products 

Pride Products has always been supported by independent businesses and is hailed as one of the best dollar store wholesalers by many dollar store owners. They mainly focus on five types of items for dollar stores, and they are: 

  • Disposable Goods 

  • Housewares  

  • Stationery and School Supplies 

  • Toys & Gifts  

  • Party Items  

Although their category is quite small, they have a large inventory of products in that small category and offer the most desired items that buyers come to look for in a dollar store. And for that reason, Pride Products is the go-to option for almost 8000-dollar stores across the USA. 

5. Dollar Item Direct 

Dollar Item Direct is another great option for dollar stores as they sell general goods and dollar store items that draw customers out in the first place. What’s more, unlike many dollar store wholesalers, Dollar Item Direct provides dollar store items for various occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and many more. This rare trait attracts a lot of dollar store owner as they want to capitalize during these social occasions  

6. B Stock 

General merchandise is the core selling point of B Stock as this dollar store wholesaler targets dollar stores that want to buy general day-to-day goods like coffee, paper, cleaning papers, and similar items. But that’s not all. They also provide consultancy for their customers, which for an up-and-coming dollar store is great. 

Also, B Stock has a good inventory and almost always overstocks products so that you won’t have to face the problem of running out of products. 

7. Dollar Days  

For almost two decades, Dollar Days has been serving the dollar stores in the US and abroad with their large category of dollar store products. And this category starts from school supplies to clothing and cleaning, making this dollar store wholesaler stand out from the rest of the competition. 

They also offer free membership and allows multiple discounts each month on specific goods. 

8. H&J Closeouts 

H&J Closeouts also serves as a dollar store along with doing trade with other businesses. Highly known for the dollar store wholesale of consumables, H&J Closeouts also provides necessary daily goods like household items, foods, clothing, pills, and many more.  

9. Dollar Store  

If you are looking for variety of daily goods wholesalers for dollar stores, then Dollar Store should be on your top ten list as it is labeled one of the most convenient dollar stores in the country. From general goods to medicine, you will be able to find wholesale for almost any type of product on a good deal from Dollar Store. 

10. Quicklotz 

Last but definitely not least, probably the most well-known wholesaler for dollar stores is Quicklotz. It provides all the necessary daily and occasional items that you may need in your daily life. 

The order range can also differ from truckload to a single purchase depending on your need. They provide an optimal website and great customer support & pricing, which every dollar store owner dreams of. 


Dollar store wholesalers are difficult to find, to say the least. And you need the best of the best so that you can ensure that there is no drop in quality regarding the items. Hopefully, this information has helped you to obtain knowledge regarding some of the best dollar store wholesale sources in the USA. And if so, then it can be time for you to take the initiative and start your dollar store from scratch. If starting your own dollar store seems daunting, you can consider purchasing an existing store.