• 10 different Vince Camuto dresses


    Whenever you need it for prom, or just for everyday use, or maybe for an evening with your friends, it is a must for every girl to have a nice piece of fabric in the wardrobe. In most cases, the best solution for every occasion is a dress with a long or short sleeve, or maybe with no sleeves. If a good style is your choice, Camuto dress is what you need. So, let’s check out some of the best for any occasion.

    1. Cut Out Floral Pleated Belted Halter Dress

    The floral design is always good for standing out; with this dress, you can do even more. Its lightweight fabric with floral design will make you feel light and ecstatic. The halter-style neckline is great for quick and easy fit.

    2. One-shoulder bell-sleeve dress

    Who needs two sleeves when one is enough to stun the room. Black is always in style and with one bell-sleeve a little bit of the shoulder, and one sleeveless it gives a dramatic impression. Perfect for an evening with the red shoes on.

    3. denim shirtrdress

    Denim dress? Yes, it’s made especially for denim lovers. Buttons all the way down, 100% denim material, blue all the way and pockets on two sides. Casual and perfect for daily walks and maybe paired with big boots and strong bell.

    4. striped fit and flare dress

    Up and down, up and down is the position of the mariner-stripes which you must admit is classic. Release pleats and zipper at the back give this dress a life. Make an outstanding twirl and twist with some amazing sandals.

    5. lace a-line dress

    If you tired of dresses with no sleeves, or heavy fabric, well, don’t worry. This dress is totally opposite. Satin and cream colors are the best solution for matching the old style and modernistic look.


    The best solution for the nights out. This dress has radiant jewels around the neck to reveal the queen in you. It’s all made of polyester with a zipper behind which you won’t even notice from the extra piece of clothes on the front and back.

    7. chiffon-overlay

    We stick to the chiffon once again. This dress is so simple, and yet so beautiful. No unnecessary material all over, just all in one which can be combined with different accessories.

    8. knit off-the-shoulder dress

    Of the shoulder, dresses were most popular in the sixties, and now they are again. This shady dress reveals your figure and gives something little extra. High heels are always the best solution to combine.


    Combination of so many materials, starting from polyester to spandex, is a bald solution. Especially with a boat neckline and deco design. Green color and sleeves are a good fit for after-hours parties.

    10. faux suede laser-cut dress

    Suede is not always good for shoes, it can look amazing as a dress. Showing just a little more of the sleeves is a great move by a designer. The lace looking emblem at the bottom breaks the monotony. The zipper is revealed with v-cut on the back.

    11. Vince as design master

    Vince has made a strong impression in his days. At his young age, he made a dream come true. We are lucky that his team continued the tradition.