• 10 Different Tahari Dresses



    With his headquarters in New York City, Elie Tahari is a world-famous designer. He is of Iranian-Israeli descent and makes ready to wear clothing. In addition to that, Elie makes fashion accessories too. He is credited with making the tube top popular in 1973. Below, I Describe 10 Different Tahari Dresses.

    Emily Dress

    This is a figure-hugging dress which flatters your silhouette. The Emily Dress from Elie Tahari is made of luxurious suede fabric which delivers a high-fashion appearance. Perfect for wearing in the office, the dress is available in black or stargazer color. The Emily Dress costs $898 at the official Tahari web store.

    Demetria Dress

    Specially designed for going out on the town or to a cocktail party, the Demetria Dress is one of the iconic pieces from Elie Tahari. It has a mystic grape color and is feminine in a classy way. It has a special Tahari print upon it as well. In addition to that, the dress has a fitted waistline and sleeveless upper for a comfortable fit. The Demetria Dress costs $498. 

    Anabelle Dress

    Designed as a sheath dress, this is a perfect piece for special occasions. It is made in admiral blue color and adorned with lace throughout. In addition to that, there are some feathers along its hem. These features make the Anabelle Dress a high impact, eye-catching piece. This Elie Tahari dress is available for $848. 

    Ramsy Dress

    Designed as a shirt dress, this fashionable piece is elegant and classy. Made using a

    silky fabric, the Ramsy Dress has a recognizable Tahari print. Its sleeves are made of sheer chiffon while it has metallic leather accents too. The Ramsy Dress has an electric magnolia color and is available for $368.

    Jemra Dress

    Ever wanted to look like a runway model every time that you leave your house? If you do, this is the piece to get. The Jemra Dress is a leopard print piece made in rich velvet. Moreover, it has cut out details along its neckline which deliver an unmistakable Tahari silhouette. The Jemra Dress is available online for $$348.

    Pacey Dress

    Perfect for parties, the Pacey Dress is a golden, satin, shimmery dress. It has slim, metallic shoulder accents which lend to its high energy appearance. The Pacey Dress flatters your figure due to its sheath construction and adds a sultry attitude to your dance moves with extended fabric pieces throughout. The dress is available for $598.

    Embline Dress 

    This is a chic dress that is made in colorblock jersey fabric. The dress has a fit and

    flare design too. The front can be closed up using a zip lending to a flattering silhouette. Perfect for the club or the office, this dress is a versatile piece from Elie Tahari. It is available for $328.

    Adelphie Dress

    Designed ideally for the red carpet, this is an elegant gown with floor-sweeping

    dimensions. It has a metallic floral color featuring turquoise blue and black patterns. They give the dress a sultry design further enhanced by a thigh high slit. The hem has a metallic snakeskin trim which adds to its luxe appeal. The Adelphie dress is available for $1,198.

    Loraina Dress

    One of the most iconic Elie Tahari pieces is the Loraina Dress. It is a crepe shift dress made in majesty blue color. To guarantee a figure-hugging appearance, the dress has a square neckline and a gentle flare on it too. These features make it playful and attractive. The Loraina Dress is available for $298. 

    Arabella Dress

    The Arabella is a shift dress with a touch of high fashion. The dress has haute handiwork and a floral print all over its velvet fabric. It is a perfect piece for after-hours relaxation or partying. The Arabella Dress is a recognizable Elie Tahari piece which is available for $348. 


    Elie Tahari is known for his daring experimentation with fabric and print. The dresses

    above feature both of these signature moves by the designer. They are some of the best pieces in his collection.