• 10 clothing wholesalers in Pakistan


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    Wholesale Business

    Wholesaling is a growing idea these days. More and more people are coming towards wholesale business. The secret of whole business’s success is that it is a low-cost business which can even open in your own home. You don’t need to buy equipment or a retail store building.

    Starting this business is shockingly easy, you probably have everything in place already, your basic office equipment which is going to be the internet, the computer, a printer, a telephone, a fax machine maybe. Most of the people just open online wholesale businesses in their own home, that way they don’t need to rent a retail center or any whole business industry.

    What is Wholesaling?

    A business in which you sell goods in a large count at low prices is called a Wholesale business. The goods are sold at low prices to profit retailers who sell them to customers.

    Advantages of Wholesaling You have learned about some of the pros of wholesaling business. Listed below are all of them.

    1. Low-Cost Business

    Wholesaling cuts your expenses down to less than half while making you a good amount of green stuff. As mentioned above, wholesaling business does not need a big retail center or a wholesale business industry. You just get the most needed and necessary equipment and get your business started right in your own bare home.

    2. Any Area

    Wholesaling business can be taken anywhere, in short, it is a portable one. You can take it to the narrow streets of Karachi as well as at the Giga Mall WTC in Islamabad. No matter where you take it, it will always give good results (Most of the times).

    3. Cut off the Taxes

    As mentioned, wholesaling is a low-cost business and you can even start in your own home. This advantage creates another advantage, if you start it at home, you won’t get charged for any commercial taxes or property taxes. This helps a lot in countries which have high tax rates like Pakistan.

    Wholesaling in Pakistan

    Like other countries, Pakistan has its own rapidly expanding wholesale market. The biggest wholesale market in Pakistan is the Garments’ wholesale market. Many clothing wholesale networks are growing continuously with good quality products. They offer products from different fashion authorities like Khaadi, Gul Ahmed, edenrobe, Sana Safinaz and much more. The top 10 best clothing wholesaler authorities are Pakistan are also mentioned below.

    1. 10 Clothing Wholesalers in Pakistan

    Listed below are top 10 online clothing wholesalers working in Pakistan.

    Happy Horse

    Unique Clothing

    Polar Garments

    Katif Apparel

    Genmak Impex

    Bright Trachten Industries

    Ensaf Sports

    Gulshan Impex And not only these hundreds of good clothing wholesalers are working and striving to grow their business in Pakistan.


    Whether you want to wholesale garments, electronics or anything else, no matter what you want to sell to

    retailers, wholesaling is a good idea for any kind of quality product. You just

    need a great idea, and stopping thanking yourself for that idea, make it happen

    before anyone else publishes it before you.