10 Clothing Wholesalers In New Jersey


Many retailers prefer to shop locally, which is why if you have a discount clothing store or a boutique in New Jersey, this list can be of great help to you.

In addition to store owners, if you are an international wholesale buyer staying in NJ, or have family in the Garden State, these wholesalers can be convenient.

One of the advantages of shopping at wholesale and closeout warehouses outside of New York, including in NJ, is that the rents and general costs of doing business, can be lower.

So at least in principal, suppliers west of the Hudson river should be able to offer you lower prices since their expenses are lower than those of a supplier located in the New York Fashion District.

This is certainly not always the case, since a showroom in the NYC Fashion District might be paying really low rent if they have an old lease, or no rent if they own the building in which they are situated in.

Besides the cost of doing business, one of the reasons why a wholesaler in NJ might have pretty good prices is because he needs to do more  to attract buyers to his warehouse.

Remember that as a seller, whether you have a boutique, flea market spot, Amazon FBA business, or eBay store, you need merchandise that sells, so never exclusively buy just because the wholesale price is low.

-Wholesale Outletllc

This is a respected clothing wholesaler in New Jersey. It stocks various types of clothes plus footwear accessories. They also stock tee shirts, women clothing and children clothing as well. You can contact them through their website for more information. Many retailers

-Anokhi Ada wholesalers

This is a clothing wholesaler in New Jersey who mainly stocks bridal wear clothes.

-Foreign Bazaar

This is another clothing wholesaler in New Jersey who serves clients all around the globe. He stocks groom wear, party, and bridal wear clothes.

-S K 1

This one of the leading men’s clothing wholesalers in Bergen Avenue, NJ.

-Social Apparel

They mainly stock women’s clothing in large quantities and mainly sell their clothes at affordable prices.

-Lelo Uniforms

This is a specialty clothing wholesale store that deals with distributing the uniforms.

-Wings Wholesalers

These are wholesalers who stock women clothing in NJ.

-Via Brazil Inc

This is a respected clothing wholesaler in NJ who stocks men’s clothing.

-Beth Berry Inc

This wholesalers stock women clothing along Colombia Avenue, New Jersey.