10 Clothing Wholesalers In Manila


Manila is known as a source for wholesale clothing.

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, it's a densely populated bay side city on the island of Luzon. With the population of 1. 78 million. The city itself is live, trendy and fashionable . that is why the city has large amount of cloth wholesalers and thus we will talk about the ones that dress up sunny Manila city

First we have La Ranza Fashion Boutique. Quite unique store for those who choose gowns and dresses over everyday attire. The store offers abundance choice for everyone, you can find gowns, dresses and even wedding accessories of any kind.

Now we talk about Tutuban Night Market. This breathtaking place is not only great for shopping but also can offer various entertainment for visitors. You can purchase any kind of clothing here, starting from sandals all the way to jumpers. It is one of the kind place for both tourists and for residents nearby

A’postrophe is Our next guest. locals call it ,,tiny jewel in a vast city", their main direction is women's cloth and accessories. Not only that they have trendy and fashionable line of cloth but you can also find things that are very rare to find, breathtaking styles and that is why locals gave the store the quite catchy name ,,tiny jewel in a vast city"

Our next brand is Jail jeans. not only that it has a catchy name, but it has arguably the best materials and the best customer service. But don't let the name distract you, outside of jeans they have shirts, skirts and even shoes. With the huge choice and the strong reputation Jail jeans stands strong on its ground.

Stradivarius is a very well known brand that does not need much to say, outside from that it is one of the best provider of class when it comes down to cloth. Their line includes almost any type of clothing, including accessories.

Facile is what you can call, one of a kind shop. Their style is quite unique compared to other brands that we have discussed so far, it mixes the traditional look of gowns and dresses with something new yet nothing that is too different. That is why it stands out, the perfect mix of nice looks with a little bit of different style.

Hermes stands out from other brands with sheer class that is shining from the store even before you enter it. They provide the line of clothing, accessories and some range of perfume. If you are looking for something different from your everyday shopping, give Hermes a try, you will not be disappointed.

Artbox is like that small corner shop in your neighborhood, small with random things on sale. Now imagine that cute little shop growing up, becoming a full blown brand that sells unique and random cloth, accessories, notes and some Korean merchandize. There is something for everyone and even if you can't find the specific thing you are looking for, be sure to check back, you never know what might turn up next time you visit.

Not known to many, Harlan + Holden is a local Filipino brand. The majority of the store's items are designed in a cool monochromatic palette: blacks, whites, and grays. the line of cloth they make is for trendy women who take passion in their looks. A sheer elegance that comes from their cloth attracts many women to give it a try.

Rosa Clara is the last but least in our list. This perfect brand allows women to find and choose their happiness that comes in form of wedding dresses, with the wide variety of both new and fashionable as well as trendy and modern, there is always something for even the most complex demands.

This was our big list of wholesalers in Manila. there is much more that could fit in this list and maybe we talk about it next time, but for now, give these brands second look, if they were good enough to catch our eye, it might catch yours as well