10 Clothing Wholesalers In China


China is fast becoming a well known source of discounted apparel in the world. 

If you are looking to compete with local retailers and distributors

you should consider purchasing merchandise directly from manufacturers in 


Although you can try Alibaba, DHGate, and Aliexpress, it can become

very overwhelming to sift through hundreds of thousands of products.

This list can help you narrow the focus of your search.

The following are 10 clothing wholesalers in China:

1.Nantong Xinxue Trading company.

This wholesale company is found in Jiangsu China and was established in 2011. It deals with manufacture and wholesale of clothing in china. It specializes on adult clothing, especially women dresses made from 100% polyester material. They are called pleat high elastic retro Chinese sleeve dresses. It has an ability of supplying up to 3000 pieces each month.

2.Dongguan City Hui Lin Apparel company Limited.

This company is found in china mainland. It deals with selling of Dresses, Pants, T-shirts, Hoods and Coats. Some of their main products include; 100% cotton crew neck men's custom T-shirts, taping log line plain T-shirts for men and tie up style crop tops for ladies among others. These are made from spandex and polyester material and its fabric is of chiffon type. Their design is Halter.

3.Shenzhen Achieve Sportswear company Limited.

It deals with the manufacture and wholesale of sports clothing. These clothes are for adults with a brand name called Shandao. They are Design customized print off shoulder and of Rayon Fabric.

4.Dongguan Haohoo clothing company Limited.

They are a t-shirts Chinese clothing manufacturers. This company is situated in Guangdong province in Mainland China. It was established in 2010. It deals with wholesale of sport uniform ranging from rugby uniform, football uniform, netball uniform to cheer-leading uniform. It offers Original Equipment Manufacturing(OEM) services of 100% polyester sublimation print t-shirts. These t-shirts come in different patterns with O-neck and short sleeves.

5.Guangzhou ShanDao Garment company Limited.

It deals with wholesale and manufacture of women summer clothes with short or long tail pro dresses. These are under the brand name HL . The dresses are woven fabric that come in different sizes.

6.Fosham MGOO Fashion Apparel Company Limited.

It deals with Wholesale of men t-shirt designed with color changing prints. These t-shirts are 100% polyester cool max fabric that is easy to dry. They can also be customized. Its selling brand is custom Brand. Its logo colors are dyed into the fabric hence ensuring that it doesn't fade.

7.Dongguan City Ecoach Apparel Company Limited.

This wholesale company is found in the province of Guangdong China. It mainly deals with Jackets, T-shirts, Coat, pants, swimsuits and sports wear among others. These products sell under the brand name AOXINI. Their fabrics are of Taffeta type made from Spandex and polyester material. It offers OEM services.

8.Xiamen TEX Clothing company Limited.

It is based in Xiamen city Fujian province. It deals with wholesale of sport T-shirts, Sport Kit and Sport Pants. It sells its products under the brand name Lover-baby. The design is majorly off-shoulder and fabric type is chiffon. The clothes come in different size ranging from small, medium, large to extra-large.

9.Hefei Alisa Trading Company Limited.

It is located in Anhui city in mainland China. It specializes in children, maternity and adult clothing. Its products are made from polyester and spandex material and are usually In-stock items. The products are mainly designed as sleeveless, with printed technique and their fabric knitted.

10.Dongguan City Theshow Garment company Limited.

This company is situated in Guangdong city. It was established in 2007. This company deals with wholesale of women and men T shirts, sweatshirts jackets and hoodies. Their brand name is famously known as YueYi. They offer OEM services with maxi designed products and of woven fabric type.

The above discussed wholesalers are among the many that are available in China that manufacture quality goods and wholesale them to different places in the world.