10 Clothing Wholesale Suppliers In Texas


Texas state business acumen and tax friendly environment
makes her an amalgam business destination for many clothing wholesalers, and
currently, it is the leading exporting state in the United States. Some of the
top ten clothing wholesalers in the state are:

10 clothing wholesale businesses in Texas

Wynford Wholesale

This wholesaler is located in Dallas Texas,
conveniently along 11029 Harry Hines Blvd. The wholesalers have a strong online
presence and are the nation reputable manufacturer and supplier of socks. The wholesalers
provide free shipping services for purchases above one hundred dollars.

The Immediate Resource - Sizes 4 to
34W Plus Size

The wholesaler is located in Dallas, TX,
and is reputed for supplying a wide range of clothing products from gowns,
bridals, as well as hats. The clothing distributed by the supplier is a wide
collection from many cultures. The distributor’s integration with online
technology has enabled it revolutionize payment and delivery.

The Hair Bow Company

The wholesaler is located in Houston Texas.
The clothing apparel availed by this supplier are of reputable quality going by
the testimonials. The suppliers deal with quality apparel and hand bands for
girls. They also provide free domestic shipping and have huge discounts on bulk
purchases. They are also have a robust online platform that buyers can use to make purchases online.

Bailey's Blossom

The wholesaler is located in Decatur, in Texas.
Providing a wide array of apparels, the supplier is reputed widely for quality
kid wears, baby’s wears, as well as boys clothing. Bulk buyers are ensured huge discounts and domestic delivery is free.

Moda Age

For all Leggings, as well as scarves, and
other clothing accessories need, the Houston based wholesaler comes in hand
with heavily discounted prices, and shipping offers for both domestic and
international purchasers. Moda age location in Houston is convinient, but the wholesalers can also be reached for bulk business online whereby the purchaser is ensured of good discounts as well as free domestic shipping package.

Allstate Leather Inc.

The wholesaler supplies a wide variety of
leather apparels and presumably one of the leading exporters of fine-tuned
jacket wears, leather belts, hats, capes, trousers as well as shoes. The leather
clothing manufacturer is located in Spring Texas.

Styllion Factory Outlet - Wholesale
Clothing Store

This wholesaler deals in a wide variety of
both imported and locally manufactured clothing ranging from socks, briefs,
thermal shirts, as well as baseball hats. They are conveniently located in
Dallas Texas and also maintain a robust online presence.


J.R. Palacios

wholesaler is a leading manufacturer of western style apparels and clothing.
Some of the main products that the enterprise deals in are hats, belts and
buckles, leather apparels, wallets as well as popular Mexican style wears. The
wholesaler is located in Harlin gen, Texas and boast of an experience in
apparel manufacturing since 1891. The wholesaler maintains a throbbing presence
in the internet.

Jillian Distributors – WHOLESALER

The wholesaler and manufacturer are located
conveniently in Austin, Texas states in The United States. They are reputed for
cheap and friendly prices sales in leather jacket, knives, luggage, and apparel
and bike gear. For affiliated E bay users, the wholesalers provide free drop
shipping and have huge discounts for bulk buyers.


This wholesaling business is located in Dallas,
Texas states in the United State. They deal in hats and apparels designed by
the reputed Katydid Collection