10 Children's Clothing Showrooms In New York


Whether you are looking to stock up your store with additional brands of children's clothing, or are looking to import a new brand of wholesale kids clothes into your market, New York has many showrooms that you can visit.

Below is a list of 10 showrooms in New York that specialize in brand name and boutique label fashions for kids.

1. At TaROO Too which is on the Upper East Side, you can see gorgeous clothes and gifts for both boys and girls. They include brands like Mudpie, Lemon and Charlie Rocket and the prices start of as low as $8. Cute tutus, hoodies, winter jackets…you choose! Located at 1490 1st Avenue.

2. Babesta Threads is the spacey 450 square feet showroom for things that kids absolutely love! It is on 56 Warren St., and it has Eazy Bean chairs, Junk Food concert shirts, Uglydolls and even clothes with a vintage and unique charm. The target is mostly for younger than 6, but the owners have also included the Chaos Recycled brand.

3. In Sweet William the fashion entrepreneur Bronagh Staley personally took care of the handpicks, all accessories and clothes for all ages – from newborns up until age of 8. Kids will admire the brands like Wovenplay or April Showers. Located at 324 Wythe Ave Brooklyn.

4. If you and your kids love Japanese-style cute clothes and accessories, then check out Bit’Z Kids, on 410 Columbus Ave. You will be overwhelmed with the cuteness of endless colors of toys and clothes in Japanese syle. The showroom also has a play area, making it convenient for moms shopping with their kids.

5. And for those really interested in latest hip trends, Level 2, located in Park Slope neighborhood, 1491 2nd Ave. you will be stunned to see that the clothes are intended for under 15-year old kids. Gorgeous pattern dresses, knitwear with patterns, cute bags and brands such as Miss Behave, or bright cute shirts of Stella Blu, even some jeans and denimwear from Tractr. Sunglasses, wallets…it is endless!

6. When you enter Torly Kid, located on 51 Hudson St., you will understand the idea that owner Carol Adams had. First named Babylicisous and now Torly Kid, this showroom has items for tots and tweens both. You will stumble upon adorable lines like Lunchbox, Tooby Doo or Appaman. The greatest thing? They have even bigger sizes too.

7. Pink Chicken showroom on 1223 Madison Ave is paradise shop for little girls that feel like princesses. Invented by Stacy Fraser and her knowledge of fashion (inspired by her daughters), she enabled moms and their girls to pick sweet tutus, dresses, quirky and fashionable pieces and much more. On the plus side, excess clothes are donated to children in need.

8. My Little Sunshine is the shop of incredible high-end clothing that is durable foremost. Be amazed by the brands like Tane Organics or Blu Pony Vintage. It is practical, one-stop shop along your daily route – and there is even a children’s haircut salon next to it. Can it be more practical than this? Just head to 177 9th Ave.

9. Cristina Villegas from Colombia used her stylist passion to open the gorgeous shop Yoya on 605 Hudson St. She sells high-quality, durable and international brands of clothing such as Leoca Paris and Emile et Idea. But, Cristina does not stop here, she also works as an interior kids’ room designer as well!

10. Stocked up cute kids’ clothes (and items) are displayed in the cutest way possible in Area Kids. The clothes are mostly designed by local designers such as Egg & Avocado or Appaman, but you can find some quite interesting pieces with German and French origins. Located at 331 Smith St. Brooklyn. It is a kids’ paradise of colors!