10 Cash Apps For Retailers And Wholesalers


If you're a retailer or a wholesaler in need of a cash app that can help you make and receive payments here are the 10 best apps that can fantastically fit your various needs:

- Google Pay
- Venmo
- Facebook Messenger
- Paypal
- Apple Pay
- Cash App
- Zelle
- Xoom
- Alipay
- Jaxx

Google Pay: Google Pay is a fantastic option if you are an Android user and allows payments in hundreds of apps, online, and in store using your phone. The app can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices and along with direct payments to merchants, allows sending money between friends and family in the US and UK.

Venmo: Venmo is one of the most popular cash apps and is best used for smaller payments as starting users can only pay out $299.99 weekly but can be increased to $2,999.99 after their identity is checked by Venmo. There are no charges for payments using bank accounts but a 3 percent charge if a credit card is used.

Facebook Messenger: Facebook Messenger is very effective for users of Facebook who have the Messenger app as it allows no-fee transactions between both Android and iOS users; however, Paypal and debit cards can only fund exchanges.

PayPal: The PayPal app allows for sending of money between anyone across the world with only the email address or mobile phone number of whoever you're sending money to. The money in the PayPal account can be kept in the account or can be transferred quickly to a desired bank account. The app has a very high limit of $60,000 and a possible limit of $10,000 per a transaction. The fee for sending from credit, debit or PayPal credit is 2.9 percent.

Apple Pay: Apple Pay is a phenomenal choice for payments between Apple users as it allows up to $3,000 to be sent per a message and $10,000 limit per week. Apple Pay can only be used between Apple users and has a 3 percent fee for funds from credit cards.

Cash App: Cash App can easily receive, request and send money between users, with no fee charged to those sending money. The app also rewards users with a cash back feature and can transfer money to and from desired bank accounts or keep funds in app, depending on user preference.

Zelle: Zelle is a newer app that allows payment and transfer of money to nearly any bank account in the US with only an email address or mobile phone number. This app is a quick way to send and receive money without fees and is especially useful for credit union member, with no limit for credit union members and a $500 limit for non-credit union members.

Xoom: Xoom is an especially usefully app for international payments and has a high limit of $25,000 per transaction for approved users, the cost of sending money varies between countries but is a fair overall and useable for Android and iOS users.

Alipay: Alipay is developed by Alibaba and is the largest mobile payment platform. The app is responsible for hundreds of millions of users and transactions weekly and is a very popular app for both US and international users. The app is available in 70 markets and the volume of users alone makes it a fantastic cash app choice.

Jaxx: Jaxx is a unique choice as it is tailored for the transfer of cryptocurrency. If you run a business interested in receiving blockchain-based cryptocurrency this app may be the perfect choice as it allows the receiving, sending, and trading of cryptocurrency with free customer support.