10 Businesses That Sell Used Store Fixtures in New York


Introduction: Store fixtures are essential components for retail businesses. They not only help organize and display merchandise effectively but also create a welcoming and attractive shopping environment. Purchasing brand-new store fixtures can be costly, making used fixtures an attractive option for businesses looking to save money. In New York, there are several businesses that specialize in selling used store fixtures. In this article, we will explore 10 such businesses, providing information, resources, and examples to help you make informed decisions for your retail establishment.

  1. M. Fried Store Fixtures:

    • Location: Brooklyn, NY
    • Website: mfried.com
    • Description: M. Fried Store Fixtures has been in the fixture industry for over a century. They offer a wide range of new and used fixtures, including shelving, displays, and racks.
    • Example: A clothing store in Manhattan purchased used clothing racks and display tables from M. Fried Store Fixtures to revamp their store layout, saving over 30% on fixture costs.
  2. Stamps Store Fixtures:

    • Location: Farmingdale, NY
    • Website: stampsstorefixtures.com
    • Description: Stamps Store Fixtures provides an extensive selection of used store fixtures, including clothing racks, shelving, and signage.
    • Example: A boutique in Queens acquired vintage-style clothing racks and wooden shelving units from Stamps Store Fixtures, giving their store a unique and rustic ambiance.
  3. Mannequin Madness:

    • Location: New York, NY
    • Website: mannequinmadness.com
    • Description: Specializing in mannequins, this store offers both new and used mannequins and display forms.
    • Example: A high-end fashion store in SoHo found gently-used mannequins at Mannequin Madness, saving hundreds of dollars while maintaining a sophisticated display.
  4. Used Store Fixtures:

    • Location: Syracuse, NY
    • Website: usedstorefixtures.com
    • Description: This company offers a variety of used store fixtures, from checkout counters to showcases.
    • Example: A jewelry store in Albany updated their interior with elegant glass showcases purchased from Used Store Fixtures at a fraction of the cost of new ones.
  5. American Surplus Inc.:

    • Location: Cranston, RI (with a showroom in New York)
    • Website: americansurplus.com
    • Description: While primarily based in Rhode Island, American Surplus Inc. has a showroom in New York. They specialize in used industrial and warehouse equipment, including storage racks and shelving units.
    • Example: A hardware store in Yonkers renovated its storage area with heavy-duty steel shelving from American Surplus Inc., enhancing organization and durability.
  6. The Fixture Mart:

    • Location: Buffalo, NY
    • Website: fixturemart.com
    • Description: The Fixture Mart offers a wide selection of used retail fixtures, including gondola shelving and showcases.
    • Example: A convenience store in Rochester transformed its layout with versatile gondola shelving purchased from The Fixture Mart, optimizing product placement and customer flow.
  7. American Retail Supply:

    • Location: Kent, WA (with distribution centers nationwide)
    • Website: americanretailsupply.com
    • Description: While based in Washington, American Retail Supply has distribution centers across the U.S., including New York. They provide a range of retail fixtures, including used options.
    • Example: A toy store in Albany sourced used display bins and peg hooks from American Retail Supply, creating an engaging shopping experience for children and parents alike.
  8. Display Warehouse:

    • Location: San Diego, CA (with distribution centers nationwide)
    • Website: displaywarehouse.com
    • Description: Display Warehouse has distribution centers across the U.S., including New York. They offer both new and used store fixtures, including clothing racks, hangers, and display tables.
    • Example: A vintage boutique in Brooklyn acquired used clothing racks and display tables from Display Warehouse, staying within their budget while preserving their store's retro charm.
  9. Alta Display:

    • Location: Atlanta, GA (with nationwide shipping)
    • Website: altadisplay.com
    • Description: Alta Display ships used store fixtures nationwide, providing various options such as retail shelving, garment racks, and signage.
    • Example: A bookstore in Manhattan updated its interior with attractive wooden bookshelves sourced from Alta Display, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for book enthusiasts.
  10. The Store Fixture Warehouse:

    • Location: Edison, NJ (near New York)
    • Website: storefixturewarehouse.com
    • Description: Located near New York, The Store Fixture Warehouse offers a variety of used retail fixtures, including showcases, checkout counters, and slatwall panels.
    • Example: A electronics store in Jersey City found affordable checkout counters and display cases at The Store Fixture Warehouse, enhancing their store's functionality and aesthetics.

Conclusion: Purchasing used store fixtures can significantly reduce the expenses associated with setting up or renovating a retail space. The businesses listed above offer a wide range of options to suit various retail needs and budgets. When considering used fixtures, always inspect the items thoroughly and inquire about any warranties or guarantees. By choosing the right used store fixtures, you can create an attractive and functional retail environment while saving money for other essential aspects of your business.