10 Business Liquidators in the USA


If your business is running towards bankruptcy and you are drowning in debt and can’t pay it off then the only option left for you is to go for liquidation and for that you need to know about the best business liquidators in the market but finding the right liquidator is always a challenge as you need to consider a lot of factor in. 

People also look for liquidators so that they can get an item far cheaper than the market price.  

But no matter the reason, in this article we will introduce to you the best business liquidators who are located in the USA. 

What is Business Liquidator? 

Now, before jumping into the best liquidators in the US, let’s familiarize ourselves with liquidation at first. Liquidation is a term that is used when a has run out of its business, meaning it is facing bankruptcy and is down with debts and the owner have to sell the business completely to pay off the debts. 

And that is where a liquidator comes into play, the company or court hires a liquidator who takes over the assets and then sells them one by one or altogether to generate revenue that will pay off the debt. So, finding the right liquidator is crucial as he or that firm will decide how efficiently you can pay off the debt and fight back from bankruptcy.    

10 Best Business Liquidators  

Now finding the best liquidators in the United States is not an easy task because if you don’t get the best in the business, you won’t be able to get the maximum profit and you need to get every penny possible. So, to help you out with this situation, here are the top 10 business liquidators in the USA:  

1. Quicklotz 

Many refer to Quicklotz as a wholesale site but wholesale also applies for business liquidation too and Quicklotz is one of the best business liquidators currently available in the US. Quicklotz can utilize every asset of your company sell them as single or wholesale. This liquidator is best for businesses that used physical objects like cars, daily goods, clothing, and similar types. 

They also have a good track record and are referred by many past business owners. 

2. Liquidation.com 

Second, on the list is Liquidation.com which is an online platform for Liquidity services a Washington originated company that works with over 3 million clients across the globe regarding liquidators and liquidation.  

This platform follows a unique style while conducting the job as a liquidator. It takes the company’s assets and puts them on its website with an expiry date, making it more attractive to its buyers. And once the expiry date is over, they take the product down from their website. And don’t open sales until a need for that kind of product arises.  

It also follows a bidding system so one needs to place the highest bid to get the item he or she truly desires. This increases the value of the asset drastically.  

3. BULQ.com 

Since its birth in 2004 BULQ has grown strong over time and now is one of the most recognized wholesale business liquidation logistics companies out there. When this company acts as a liquidator it sells off the assets either one by one or does a wholesale. What made BULQ popular is their selling policy as they sell the assets which are almost 98% equal to the market price and do home delivery with a standard charge. 

This charge is where the business happens and it is from there that the revenue comes.   

4. Bstock.com 

Bstock is an online auctioned-based liquidation company that does almost all of its work on the online platform. In liquidation, they buy the assets from the company or goes to a contract that heavily depends on the auction sell. And after the auction, they send off the products to the highest bidders. They claim that they have held over 100,000 successful auctions.  

A lot of the selling point actually revolves around the platform AI and how optimal it can make the experience for possible buyers.   

5. Bluelots Liquidation 

If online wholesale is what attracts you then Bluelots Liquidation might be an interesting liquidator for you. Much like B.stock.com Bluelots uses an online platform to do most of the work and hold out auctions to get the highest bidder. But their pricing is more down to earth so many people tend to prefer it over other options. 

But then again, the process is almost identical to many other options but it’s the customer service that interests people to use the platform again and again. 

6. Mid Tenn Wholesale 

Now, this liquidator has a completely different approach when it comes to selling assets. Mid Tenn Wholesale is sort of a reverse wholesale company, meaning, it sells only to retailers and it is the same during liquidation services too. 

As there is an internal connection between the retailers and the company, the goods are sold off faster the price is lower than the regular price. Which is understandable as retailer won’t be buying used assets on the market price anyway. 

7. Merchandize Liquidators 

For low, to mid-budget retailers and buyers, Merchandizer Liquidators is a common name. This liquidator wholesales most of the acquired assets and only buys mid to low-price goods as that is what their wholesale is all about. But don’t let that small price point change your perspective as this liquidator possesses a huge category for the buyers.  

8. Continental Wholesale 

For large businesses, the well-known liquidator is Continental Wholesale as this logistics company large assets like fridges and puts them out in the market. And depending on the quality they can earn a lot to close to none and that is how their business models work.  

They work with both retailers to single buyers and almost always whole sells an entire lot, which is why many like their services and become loyal buyers. 

9. 888lots  

Based on New Jersey 888lots is an online-based wholesale service that also acts as a liquidator. What’s different about this service is that while other online liquidation sales are auction and bid based, on 888lots you can just click on the product you like and buy it and the item will be delivered to you. It’s that simple! 

And because of this simplicity, 888lots is adored by a lot of buyers and retailers as you don’t have to go through any complications at all. 

10. CloseoutExplosion.com 

Closeout Explosion, my wholesale business, specializes in exporting merchandise from the USA to retailers throughout the world, with an emphasis in Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America. The advantage of liquidating your merchandise through my business, is that I can move your merchandise through international channels, avoiding a dilution of your brand’s appeal in the USA market. 

Final Thoughts 

Liquidators determine a business’s final liquidation value, while also supporting buyers who can’t buy something at a given market price. So, it is very important to have the information of the best liquidators around you.