10 Business Bankruptcy Lawyers Located in New York


Although every business wants to avoid it, business bankruptcy can be part of owning a business. Having good access to a bankruptcy lawyer in New York can be crucial for businesses that are located in New York because the golden apple takes as much as it can give. Bearing that in mind, every business should lookout for a business bankruptcy lawyer whether they are facing bankruptcy or just want to have a backup plan. 

And to help you with this situation, we’ve gathered some of the best business bankruptcy lawyers who practice in New York City. You should always do your own full diligence and research before hiring a lawyer. You can start out by contacting the state bar and asking for referrals to qualified lawyers. 

10 Best Business Bankruptcy Lawyers Located in New York 

1. Gregory Messer, Law Office of Gregory Messer 

If you have been looking into the world of business bankruptcy, then the first name that you will most like to come across is Gregory Messer from the law office of Gregory Messer. Mr. Messer has been in the line of business bankruptcy law for over three decades and focuses on chapter 7, 11 & 13 of bankruptcy matters. 

He is also a prominent figure among attorneys and is always recommended for complex cases as he is a master of the trade. Mr. Messer has also served as a mediator in the US Bankruptcy Court of Eastern District of New York.  

What’s more, Mr. Messer has also been a lecturer in New York State bar association, Brooklyn Bar association, New York lawyer’s association, and many more. As he is one of the best lawyers in New York City, if you are facing trouble regarding bankruptcy in your business, then Gregory Messer is the lawyer who can win your case and provide the support that you need. 

2. Sanford Rosen, Rosen & Associates, P.C. 

Another superstar in the business bankruptcy law, Sanford P. Rosen is a name that any hopeful lawyer wants to be when they reach big. Having experience over almost three decades and a half, Mr. Rosen is a specialist in bankruptcy law and excels in the field of creditor’s rights and organization. 

He has also been labeled as one of the most prominent reorganizers; he makes changes that can bring real results. He has participated in multitude of reorganization settlements of business and helped businesses to crawl up from going bankrupt. He has also been recognized as one of the best bankruptcy lawyers by super lawyers, a lawyer rating site that is known for its perfect evaluations over lawyers.    

3. Bruce Weiner, Rosenberg Musso & Weiner  

With 30 years of experience on his belt, Bruce Weiner is also a well-recognized name when it comes to business bankruptcy. Among bankruptcy lawyers, Mr. Weiner is held as one of the best presences on the court. His tenacity, courtroom demeanor, attention to detail on specific terms makes him one of the best lawyers who can have your back in the court. 

One of Mr. Weiner’s biggest achievements in the courtroom is that he successfully argued for the 2nd circuit before the United States court of appeals. This is an incredible feat that only a few bankruptcy lawyers have been able to achieve. 

4. Jeffrey Peltz, Jeffrey B. Peltz, P.C. 

For bankruptcy chapters 7 & 13, there are a few business and bankruptcy lawyers who can live up to the standards of Jeffery Peltz. Mr. Peltz has working experience on business bankruptcy for over thirty years and has worked with over 25,000 clients up until now, and that number is growing every day. He also works as a legal counselor for businesses. 

So, if you want to have solid support regarding the business bankruptcy sector, then you should definitely have Jeffery Peltz on your call list as your personal consultant. 

5. Jason Dennis. Law Office of Jason A. Dennis 

Jason A Dennis is one of the younger talents that have risen into the business bankruptcy law and his work rate and the success rate is something that any up-and-coming lawyer should be proud of. 

Mr. Dennis focuses on Business Bankruptcy in chapters 7 and chapter 13. He is also admitted to the United States Court of Appeals for the first circuit & third circuit. He is also a New Jersey state bar member and admitted to the Executive Office of Immigration Review.   

So, if you are a believer in the youth and prodigies, then Jason Dennis is the guy you are looking for regarding business bankruptcy. 

6. William R. Scherer, Conrad & Scherer 

In business bankruptcy, William R. Scherer works as a counsel in Conrad & Scherer, and although many label him as a young lawyer, Mr. Scherer has been in the business for over two decades and specializes in business bankruptcy, banking liability claims, and more. 

Mr. Scherer has worked on a huge number of cases regarding business bankruptcy and has gained the trust of over 10,000 clients via his unique workflow. He also worked on wrongful death claims and has proven his side by winning almost every case regarding that field.  

7. Barbie D. Lieber, Lieber & Lieber 

Are you looking for a superstar in the business bankruptcy stage? Then Barbie D. Lieber is the one you should look into. Her achievements over the past thirty-three years speak for themselves. In addition, her work on creditor and debtor rights is hailed to be unrivaled.  

 Mrs. Lieber is known for her outstanding performance and client counseling throughout New York. She focuses on the business bankruptcy chapter 7 & 13 and also offers legal counseling for individuals and businesses.    

8. Scot L. LaninLanin Law, P.C. 

If business bankruptcy law was football, Scot L. Lanin would definitely play the quarterback. This talented lawyer focuses on chapters 7, 11, and 13 of business bankruptcy law. And his success and counseling skills are known throughout New York. 

Scot practices on State Supreme Courts, Circuit Courts & Federal district courts. And with 30 years of experience on his belt, it is safe to say Scot L. Lanin is a great option from a bankruptcy business lawyer located in New York City. 

9. Seni Popat, Law office of Seni Popat, P.C.   

A young rising star in the business bankruptcy area, Seni Popat has been a successful lawyer for many, and he is one of the few lawyers who has three hundred plus google business reviews that state his work efficiency with his clients. With 10 years of experience and a client-pleasing mentality, Mr. Popat is without a doubt an outstanding choice if you want a bankruptcy expert. 

10. Rachel S. Blumenfeld, Law Office of Rachel S. Blumenfeld, P.C  

If you want to experience talent, then Rachel S. Blumenfeld from the Law Office of Rachel S. Blumenfeld is, without doubt, a great choice for your business bankruptcy issues. She has almost two decades of experience regarding bankruptcy law and has a very high success rate which is envious for many lawyers with more years than her.  

Her consultation skills are also very effective as she works as a private consultant for over 300 businesses and clients. So, overall, she can be a perfect choice when you think of business bankruptcy lawyers.  


Finding the best business bankruptcy lawyers for your issues can be hard and challenging. A good bankruptcy lawyer, in addition to practicing law, should be able to connect you to liquidators, auctioneers, and to others who can help in the liquidation process of a business.