10 Brand Name Children's Clothing Brands Retailers Should Follow


The fashion industry for children is growing. Savvy retailers understand that selling child's clothing can be a way to form a lifetime connection with a customer, or at minimum, possibly a multiyear connection with their customers. Parents who are satisfied with the children's clothing that they have purchased from a retailer, are likely to continue returning to purchase from clothing, shoes, and accessories from that retailer, as their children grow. Children can develop their own individual clothing sense by wearing clothes that are appropriate and comfortable for them. By enabling them to do this, you will find they’ll develop a sense of refined sophistication. In addition to expressing how important your child is to you, it also shows your attention to their preferences. 

Fashion has been transformed by the Internet and social media as people think of and buy clothing in entirely new ways. In addition to the convenience of purchasing high-end goods all over the world, online shopping offers hundreds of other benefits as well. Gone are the days that parents have to fight with their kids to behave in a physical store. Now parents can simply find the brands that they love, and then, all they have to do is click or tap on an online vendor that features the brand. And they are done!  For that reason is it imperative that retailers develop online sales channels for their children's clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Today we will be aiding in that process by discussing the top 10 brand name children's clothing brands that retailers should be following. The featured list is in no particular order as all the brands featured have built a reputation over the years of quality and charisma. Retailers, and wholesalers, can gain a great deal of insight into the children's apparel market by studying these brands. So, let’s get started. 

  1. H&M – Largest Children's Clothing Brand 

The first children's clothing brand we’ll be discussing today is H&M. Swedish clothing retail company, Hennes & Mauritz AB, is a multinational company headquartered in Stockholm. The company was founded in 1947 by Erling Persson. For over 70 years, the company has been producing fashionable clothing for men, women, teenagers, and children. It offers e-commerce in 33 countries around the globe and has a highly visible online presence.  


Opening their official website, you can browse the Kids section (children's clothes organized by age and size), event (e.g., birthday), campaigns (e.g., back-to-school). All kinds of clothing can be found on the website, including tights, socks, accessories, nightwear, dresses, bottoms, and tops. 

  1. ZARA – Most Popular Children's Clothing Brand 

Zara is part of Inditex, the world's largest clothing retailer. The company was founded 43 years ago in Spain, in 1975. H&M and Zara both sell fast-fashion clothing, which is the term for the latest trends in contemporary fashion, as seen on the catwalk at Fashion Weeks to everyday wear for mainstream consumers. In the previous decades, Zara's kids' collections have received numerous awards, and they continue to excel in the kid’s fashion industry. 

  1. Gap, Inc. 

The company is the third-largest retailer of apparel after H&M and Inditex. Its headquarters are in San Francisco, California. With Gap Kids, children can find stylish pieces made to meet their needs and that reflects their individual style. To help create smart-looking school uniforms, they offer all kinds of clothing such as slacks, pullovers, sleepwear, outerwear, tees, shirts, and denim. 


Baby Gaps, another branch of their clothing line, features clothing for newborns and babies. 


Their products range in price, mostly between $7.99 - $88. 

  1. Carter’s 

Carter is one of the nation's largest markets for children's clothing. It was founded by William Carter in 1865. Baby clothes from this brand are among the most popular in the United States. Their clothing is designed with cute and soft fabrics, and they have features that make changing babies easier. Such features include expandable shoulders and rompers with head-to-toe snaps. 


Their products range in price, mostly between $3 - $60. 

  1. Gymboree 

A specialty retailer, Gymboree Group, Inc., operates stores offering children's apparel and accessories of high quality. Their brand portfolio includes Crazy 8, Janie and Jack, and Gymboree. Their first store opened in 1976, specializing in products for babies and mom in San Francisco. Today they have over 900 retail stores in Canada and the United States along with franchises around the globe. 


Kids can achieve their dream of becoming whoever they want by mixing and matching Gymboree styles.  


Their products range in price, mostly between $10 - $50. 

  1. Sawyer Kid Co. 

Sixth on our list is Sawyer Kid Co. Their business model is based on a clearly defined objective. That is the belief that children should be encouraged and inspired to spend more time outside with nature rather than cooped up in front of electronic devices all day. Keeping in line with this, they provide outdoor-specific apparel that is comfortable and fairly produced. 


The company’s name was inspired by the popular kid’s book "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer". Tom, the main character, was an intrepid young explorer and adventurer. Similar to the vision the company has for kids’ relationship to outdoor activities. 


Their products range in price, mostly between $17 - $48. 

  1. Lil’Lemons 

In 2011, best friends Gillian Rose and Laura Hall founded Lil’Lemons. It is named after the first business the pair ever ran together, a lemonade stand when they were kids. Every fabric they use is hand-picked, and they constantly go the extra mile by designing the patterns by hand as well. This rare and special touch ensures that every clothing design the company offers is carefully constructed. They have a very impressive creative process, and their clothes are simply stunning. 


Their products range in price, mostly between $25 - $79. 

  1. Huxbaby 

Huxbaby is an Australian company that sells minimalist fashion for kids with an adult level of style. Their clothing is made from organic cotton and is primarily gender-neutral. The brand strives to achieve refined designs that are guided by function. As such they use a simple and minimalist philosophy, uncluttered by unnecessary complications.  


Their collections mostly feature soft and muted tones with modern designs that will never go out of style. 


Huxbaby products range in price, mostly between $30 - $83. 

  1. Indikidual 

Designer Syreeta Johnson launched her clothing brand Indikidual after having her daughter Minnie. As a mother, she sought out organic clothing in fun colors for her daughter and didn't find any. So, she decided to fill the gap. Syreeta's daughter now sketches prints for collections with her. The family visits the factories together in India and watches the garments being made. 


Their collections are designed for mixing and matching, allowing you to layer different styles, allowing your child to be creative. Organic cotton is used to make each piece, which is designed to be practical yet still retain a certain level of modern style. No matter the occasion, your child will love their fun, whimsical clothing. 


Huxbaby products range in price, mostly between $24 - $39. 

  1. Aquarium Kidz 

Closing out the list is Aquarium Kidz. This brand features a collection of handmade, hand-painted, organic accessories and clothing. It is important to note that every item is handmade. So, no two designs will be exactly the same. The original artwork that they create is hand-drawn and then transferred to screens that are used for the patterns for their organic or eco-friendly textiles. While wearing their vibrant and funky prints, it's hard not to agree with their motto: childhood is too short for boring clothes. 


The brand donates a portion of each purchase to children living in rural Cambodia. So, you can keep your kids stylish while helping out a good cause. 


Their products range in price, mostly between $20 – $60.