10 Books That Can Help You With Your Own Etsy Business


Do you know that you can turn your hobby into a successful Etsy business? 

You can start a flourishing business at Etsy whether you are an incorrigible lover of photography or you can make handmade goods.

The handmade online market is a perfect platform to showcase your skills and earn a lucrative deal.

You may need a little bit of guidance prior to starting your own business. Now, I am going to reveal the best 10 books on how to start an Etsy business. These books will definitely let you know how to start, manage and develop your handmade product business by displaying your skills. Let’s have a one by one look on these books:

1. Etsy-preneurship

Our top-rated book is the Etsy-Preneurship written by Jason Malinak. This book reveals the secrets of turning of craft/art/handmade hobby or skill into a profitable business. This book lets you know about the business fundamentals and all the procedures to start and manage your business.

This book will lead you to step by step from starting of your business and converting it into a thriving business

2. Starting an Etsy Business For Dummies

Starting an Etsy Business for Dummies is written by the Kate Gatski. This book specifically focuses on the craft skills. This book will enable you to make an online craft business out of nothing. By reading the book, you’ll come to know about how to build an Etsy shop and present your work through photographs.

3. Etsy Empire

Eric Michael is the author of the Etsy Empire. Etsy Empire is the pioneer book that first time wrote about establishing a business. based on the online marketplace for handmade artistic products. This books comes up with a complete package about setting up an Etsy business and also about SEO of your business.

4. Etsy Excellence

Tycho Press is the author of the Etsy Excellence and he made it pretty simple to start your own business. You’ll find easy and step by step methods for developing your hand produced merchandise business. This book is very good for the beginners.

Additionally, the marketplace itself also provides great strategies to attracting the people to your business.

5. Etsy: Launch Your Handmade Empire!

Marianna Hart, the Author, published this masterpiece for the handmade creations. If you are a master of handmade products, then you must read this book. This book particularly discusses the business setup about the handmade products. Marianna claims that you’ll sell your products daily and you’ll see lucrative results in just a few months.

6. How to Sell on Etsy with Pinterest

Charles Huff depicts the power of Pinterest to make your Etsy business successful. This book focuses on the strategies to use the Pinterest to make your business flourishing. You’ll get beginners guide about using the Pinterest to increase the Etsy traffic. This book also discusses the tools of Pinterest in detail that are vital to increasing the Etsy traffic.

7. The Everything Guide to Selling Arts & Crafts Online

Kim Sogla wrote this book more comprehensively. It focuses in general on selling the arts and crafts online. However, if you are aiming to start an Etsy business, then this book can be very informative for you to start your business. It briefly reveals the major arts and crafts that you can sell online.

The Handmade Marketplace Kari Chapin is the author of the Handmade Marketplace. Kari’s inspiring guide will definitely help you substantially about establishing your handmade business online. This is an ideal book for the people who have handmade skills.

9. Craft, Inc Craft, Inc is written by Meg Mateo Ilasco. This is a revised edition. Mag Mateo guides everything about the Etsy business; from making a business plan to paying your taxes. This book is not only about setting up your business but also helps you in your business operations.

10. Art, Inc Lisa Congdon, an artist, is the author of this book. Lisa makes you more motivated by illustrating that you should work what you love. You do not have to look the best businesses; instead, you must start a business that you love most. In this book, Lisa reveals many ideas and plans to start your fascinating business online and make it a profitable one.

Hence, it is for sure that you’ll start a profit yielding Etsy business if you study any one of the above-given books. These books are the dedicated 10 books on how to start an Etsy business.