10 Books On How To Sell on eBay


200 Items To Sell at eBay Right Now by Rick Riley and Kathy Stanton

This set of six smaller books is excellent for addressing the uncertainty that faces everybody starting out on eBay. The biggest hindrance to getting started is usually figuring out what to sell. This book actually hands you the list on a silver platter. These are the products you need to generate the big profits. Many insider secrets are revealed.

101 Items To Sell at Ebay by Ann Eckhart (2017): How To Create Money promotion Garage trade & prudence

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Ann Eckhart

Hot off the press, here’s another great book that focuses on buying low at thrift, second-hand outlets and selling high on eBay. Contains useful information, not only about the 101 items but what to look for in terms of product characteristics such as color, size, etc. that will affect demand. Focuses strictly on the product, with no additional information about eBay operation.

Powerful eBay Secrets: Start A Successful eBay Business From Scratch, Know Exactly What To Sell, & Learn The Secrets Of Top Rated Sellers by Marc Pierce

The title says it all. A consultant to other PowerSellers, Pierce lays it all out for everybody in this leading eBay Guide. Covers things like how to get started on a shoestring budget, break out of a plateau, avoid beginner pitfalls, and picking the perennial best-sellers. The marketing tips alone are worth the price.

QUIT YOUR DAY JOB AND MAKE MONEY AT HOME BUNDLE: Make money online, quit your 9 to 5 and live a life of freedom Kindle Edition by Alexander Shrouder

This is a top-flight, 3-volume strategy manual for making the transition from the J-O-B to being your own boss, with eBay being one of the vehicles. Covers how to launch any product, harness “Fiverr Mania,” and learn to sell at eBay in 15 minutes.

Selling on eBay: Top Tips & Advice from Experienced eBay Sellers Kindle Edition by Brian Eugene

Covers the top 15 tips you need to be successful on eBay. This is a compilation of advice from top eBay sellers from around the country, so you get a variety of perspectives in one volume.

Secrets of Quick Decluttering Selling and Organizing the Home Area: Essential Step by Step Methods to Clutter-Free Lifestyle & Earn Money Through ... Items on eBay, Amazon & Other Top Sites by R. Kishore (Author)

Here’s a book for somebody whose primary goal is organizing your home and using eBay as a tool in the process. You’ll learn the action steps necessary to de-clutter and organize your home using eBay, in just seven days.

Selling on eBay: Top Tips & Advice from Experienced eBay Sellers Kindle Edition by Brian Eugene

This is a very practical guide, focused on the 15 top tips needed to operate a successful eBay business. It’s a compilation of advice from an assortment of top eBay sellers regarding how to sell more efficiently at any stage in your eBay career.

Goodwill to eBay-Top Ten Items Kindle Edition by Goodwill to eBay TOP 10 items (Author)

This is a good guide for the beginner who doesn’t have time to consume a long book. Covers the essentials of eBay selling and how to use second-hand outlets like Goodwill to source your products.

ARBITRAGE ACADEMY: Flip Products and Services on eBay and Fiverr for 5x Their Original Price by Dave Bass

This book takes the approach of how to be the middleman and flip products using eBay and Fiverr. Breaks the eBay selling process down into 3 simple steps and reveals the “one secret” needed to identify the products that will give you 5x leverage.

The 100 Best Things I've Sold on eBay: My Story--by The Queen of Auctions by Lynn Dralle

An entertaining read in narrative format describing the author’s “eBay adventures.” Sharing wit& wisdom from the world of the antique world, the book is a welcome relief if you’re a little weary from studying reams of marketing theory about eBay.