10 Books About The Retail Arbitrage Business


With the rise of the internet and mobile devices, numerous individuals and businesses have made their fortune by finding retail items within their locale and selling them online at a markup. In the least, this makes for a great side-income gig. If you’ve ever considered this money – making the route, here are 10 books about retail arbitrage to get you into the swing of things.

1. Retail Arbitrage: The Blueprint of Buying Retail Products to Resell Online – Chris Green
This is a ?o frills, no fluff’, straightforward guide to succeeding at buying goods and reselling them on e-platforms. A major upside to this book is that it provides an authoritative and comprehensive summary on the topic.

2. Retail Arbitrage 101 – John Navarro
Most readers shudder at the thought of crunching numbers and coming up with winning business strategies. With this in mind, John Navarro has come up with a simple, yet the effective insightful piece that outlines the secrets of leading retail players in the sector.

3. Retail Arbitrage: The Simple Guide On How to get started – Madison Green
Some would argue that no list of 10 books about retail arbitrage would be complete without a ?ow-To-Guide.’ Gladly, that’s exactly what you get in this paperback by Madison Green. The book outlines basic fundamentals one has to take on the journey towards becoming a success at retail arbitrage.

4. Amazon FBA: 2 in 1 Amazon FBA and Shopify – Greg Addison
When it comes to retail arbitrage, not many conversations can be had without mentioning Shopify. This book takes an attractive angle, passive income. With a promise of making an ?xtra 10k a month,’ the book is packed with insider strategies that have helped to make many wealthy on both the Amazon and Shopify platforms.

5. The Truth About Retail Arbitrage BOLO’s and their effect on the marketplace – Al Craig & Brian Bly
Many books on the topic focus on the heaps of benefits that can be had in retail arbitrage. Craig & Bly, on the other hand, chose a more sober approach, focusing on how hot products and buyer interaction impacts the markets as a whole.

6. 100 Costco Items to retail arbitrage on Amazon – Eric Paul
Eric Paul’s book offers direct insight into what exactly one can sell and make money from. From the first chapter, the reader has immersed into a plethora of real life, tangible case products, making it one of the more practical reads on this list.

7. Ebay thrifters yard sale guide: Make money this weekend – Glen Buckingham
Few can profess ignorance of the phenomenon that is eBay. Particularly popular with non-technical buyers and sellers, the site provides the perfect opportunity to make an extra buck. It is this demographic that is targeted by Buckingham, in his direct and simple guide

8. Arbitrage Business Models: Flip Physical & Digital Products Online – Nic Gutierrez
Unlike other popular reads, Gutierrez’s book focuses on the ?ow’ rather than ?hat’ when it comes to retail arbitrage. The book offers tailor made selling techniques that are ?uaranteed’ to yield results.

9. Arbitrage Empire: Buy Cheap products and sell them high – Jonathan Parker
This book takes into account the networked nature of the Internet. Rather than focus on a specific platform, Parker takes a holistic approach, teaching how to leverage the internet towards retail domination.

10. Easy Amazon FBA Book selling guide – Ethan James Frost
Concluding the list of 10 books about retail arbitrage is this book focusing on the simplicity of selling on Amazon. The author puts together an easy read that allows for the prospect of returns without committing to the activity full time.