10 Books About How To Open A Boutique


Many people want to know how to open a boutique. As a the owner of a wholesale business in the USA I can tell you that I get many calls and emails from people that want to start their own shop. The following 10 books offer a great deal of information for those looking to operate their own fashion boutique.

Many of us dream of opening our own business but don’t know where to start. Opening a boutique is no different. It’s a very complicated process to find and lease a space, get inventory, and market your store. Thankfully, there exists plenty of information to help you get started. Many people who now own very successful boutiques and other businesses have gone on to write books that guide those of us that are just starting out. Below are 10 such books. These 10 books are meant to guide the business newbie through opening a boutique or other small business.

Opening a Boutique Guide: How to Start your own Unique Clothing Boutique

This book is written by Briana Steward, an owner of a popular boutique. She goes through all the reasons for opening a boutique as well as what it takes to do so. She focuses a lot on opening a boutique without a lot of money, less than perfect credit, or industry connections.

Opening a Boutique Guide, Book 2

In this follow up to book 1, Briana Steward goes much more in depth. She offers tips on acquiring start up capital, acquiring initial inventory, finding and leasing the right space, and locating and sourcing suppliers and materials. This book along with the previous one is a must for anyone that is considering starting a boutique.

There’s a Business in Every Woman

This book focuses on the general aspects of owning a business, such as the process of starting one and how to come up with a solid business plan. Written by Ann M. Holmes, this book focuses on women starting businesses. Holmes draws on her experience as well as the experiences of over 80 woman in this book, and puts forth a seven stage plan to help woman open and run businesses.

Business Boutique: A Woman’s Guide for Making Money Doing What She Loves

Like the previous entry, this book is aimed at women who want to start their own business. The author, Christy Wright, helps readers create a step by step business plan to start and grow a business. It also focuses on time management, taxes, and finding a good life/work balance.

The Ultimate Boutique Handbook

Written by Emily A. Benson, a business owner that came into prominence with The Fashion Truck, this book is a comprehensive guide on opening a boutique. With over a decade of experience, Emily Benson speaks with authority on subject such as defining and attracting your target market and how to decide on products for your boutique and where to get them.

The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting and Running a Business

In this book, Steve Mariotti shares stories of young entrepreneurs who have started and are currently running very successful businesses. Mariotti also covers the characteristics shared by successful entrepreneurs and gets into the nitty gritty of opening and running a business successfully.

So You Want To Be The Boss?

C.C. North has written an easy to follow guide on starting an E-Boutique, an online store for clothing. North goes into the advantages of opening an online store, including the money saved by not needing to lease space for a physical store.

50 Marketing Ideas for the Clothing Boutique Business

Alison Jones focuses solely on marketing, one of the most important aspects of business, in her book. This includes how to get free local publicity, how to effectively deal with customer complaints, and how to use Youtube to drive traffic to your store.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting and Running a Retail Store

The Complete Idiot’s Guide books are popular for their plain speak and upfront nature. In this addition to the series, James E. Dion uses his decades of experience to outline every aspect of owning and running a retail business. A must for any retail business owner.

Business Owner’s Compendium

Joe Solari, the author, intended this book to be an encyclopedia of knowledge for any business owner. This book extensively goes over the theory of starting, owning, and operating a business. Everything from marketing, to contracts, to risk assessment is covered here. There’s no doubt this book is what you will refer to most often.

With these books at your side, opening your business will be easier than ever. Through hard work and persistence you can succeed in this highly competitive world. So pick up your copy of these books, and read up. Nothing is more useful than information.

Good luck with your new venture! I would be happy to supply you with wholesale merchandise once you get your business going.