10 Baby Clothes Wholesale Suppliers In The USA


Some of the most popular apparel items today are baby clothes. They are available from wholesale suppliers. These are companies that buy large amounts of baby clothes. After that, they warehouse them and then sell them to retailers. There are some baby clothes wholesalers who only carry one brand. They are known as distributors. Here are 10 baby clothes wholesale suppliers in the USA.


Located in Santa Ana, California, this is a wholesale company that provides baby clothes to customers in the USA. They have items such as onesies, bibs, dresses, gowns for newborns, girls tops, burp cloths and baby blankets too. KIDSBLANKS also offers customized items through screen printing. They offer brand new and second hand items too.

Penguin Kids Wear Inc.

Based in Los Angeles, California, USA, this company is a leading wholesaler of baby clothes. They have a wide variety of clothing for baby girls and boys. Penguin Kids Wear Inc. is licensed to carry a variety of brands and lines of baby clothing for all ages.

Doodle Pants

This is a baby clothes wholesale company which provides leggings and children's clothing. Located in Cotuit, Massachusetts, USA, this company distributes their products to Independent Retail Stores across the country. They offer individual retail stores the chance to join their network by registering on their website.

Bambini Infant Wear

This wholesaler specializes in providing baby clothing items made of 100% cotton such as infant layette clothing items. Also, they provide baby accessories too. They include basics and specialty items as well. Newborns and infants are provided for in the inventory by Bambini Infant wear. Located in Irvine, California, USA, the company uses the latest textile technologies and top quality materials in making their products.

Infant Blanks

For many years, this company has provided knitted baby clothes to their distributors. They also provide blanks for promotion and embroidery too. Clients can order customized pieces. Moreover, Infant Blanks also services Private Label orders.

Kid's Dream

This is a baby clothes wholesaler that is located in the Los Angeles, California, USA. The company specializes in providing baby clothes for special occasions. Some examples of items that they can provideinclude outfits for christenings, infant dresses, formal attire for boys, accessories and communion outfits as well. Their items are highly fashionable too.


Focusing on providing baby clothes, this is an American company that provides items to special clients. Examples of these are non-profits and small businesses as well. They also offer these items to individual clients.

Rock Bottom Deals

This wholesaler provides baby clothes at the most affordable prices. They are located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Some examples of the items that they provide include baby clothes, baby supplies and accessories too. Rock Bottom Deals provides the top brands to their customers.

All USA Clothing

Established in 1970, this is a company that focuses on providing baby clothing which is made and manufactured in the USA. Based in Keego Harbor, Michigan, USA, they provide clothes, shoes and accessories for any size that you desire. They are also capable of providing these items as blank or decorated. In addition to that, All USA Clothing provides original custom designed apparel.

Wholesale Blank Clothes

This is a company that specializes in providing blank clothing at wholesale prices. Based in Austintown, Ohio, the company provides these items at highly affordable prices. They have a variety of baby clothes for their customers.